Sunday, 20 June 2010

Jams and preserves

Another image I meant to add ages ago! My Jams & Preserves cupboard (modeled on the Egg Emporium cupboard) in its lovely new home. Thanks again Diane, looks great there!


jane and the happy crow said...

That piece was just waiting to be in that kitchen, the little doggie just finishes it off. Jane xx

DiDiBaBa.Z said...

Hello there! My name is Bo. I'm from China. And now I'm studying film directing in Royal Holloway' the university of London. I'm making a 10 minutes short film as my final project in March. the location is at the beach in Brighton. I'm really love those handmade arts that you made.

I'm just wondering if I can purchase some of your lovely handmade crafts for the filming purpose? I especially like the two handmade yachts.

Lookingforward to hearing from you!
Bo Zhang

DiDiBaBa.Z said...

Sorry, and my email adress is :

Thank you very much!